Discovering unmet needs and growth opportunities

Our client was an American Fortune 500 motorcycle manufacturing company. They also have a strong presence in fostering a riding culture with apparel and riding events.
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I was the ux research lead for ID8 Innovation to discover opportunities in the mobile space. The insights contributed to the client's digital growth strategy.

Our team conducted 33 in-person interviews and the strategy consultant and I synthesized the data into insights for client recommendations. I was responsible for the user research plan, research recruiting, research protocol and field day logistics.


Our objective was to explore a set of hypotheses and uncover any other unmet needs for millennials. This brand was becoming increasingly reliant on old customers (age 55+) and they need to find another avenue to capture more of the marketshare.


Strategy consultant
Director of Mobile Growth
Product manager
Product designer


Competitive analysis, in-depth/ethnographic interviews, insights sorting, entities position mapping, user group mapping, journey mapping


The insights were eye-opening for the client and our recommendations were extremely valuable to the client. Our work won a phase two project.


Our client had ideas on what to monetize but didn’t do any prior research so we went broad with qualitative research. We conducted 1-hour in-person interviews with a diverse pool of participants.

Our primary questions aimed to elicit stories that revealed:

Key insights

These are selected themes—that are worth looking into for monetization—amongst all the participants regardless of age, riding style, where they live, brand and make motorcycle they own, or if they buy a motorcycle new or used.

I’m thinking in my head had no idea is this helmet is safer than the $100 less helmet. I’m not going to risk it. I had no idea so I essentially picked the best one I could find. If this helmet is going to even remotely going to save my life, I’m willing to pay a price to do it.
I took the river road to Sacramento. It’s a beautiful road. I love that ride. It’s along the river, two lanes, and not a lot of people on it. It’s a really relaxing. My perfect ride would be 1-2 hours. I like to do a poker run. You’ll meet at one place, get a card, go to another stop and get another card, and try to get a full house.
A participant shows us pictures from his trips that were destination based.
We hadn’t been in California for that long [at that time]. We were sitting around Saturday morning. I asked my wife where she wants to go and she said she didn’t know. A song came on on the radio and it was about Bodega Bay and she’s like, ‘Let’s go to Bodega Bay.’ We want to go the most interesting way and didn’t want to take the highway so we pulled out a map. I looked for the squiggles.
If Google can get the motorcycle time, it would be great.
If I made it on Rever, I’ll tell them and if they want to download it, they can because you can share it on the app. I don’t use Rever that much because I don’t love it. The usability is not great on the bike. It’s really hard to follow the pin and you need to keep your eyes on the road.
What has happened was this guy probably crashed this bike and is passing it off as nearly new. What I wish I could’ve done is basically left a review for this guy and say that this [bike] is BS. There are a lot of people, like my friends [who are looking for their first bike and hasn’t ridden any other bike], would say this bike is great and it’s only $1,800. I show up and it’s absolutely a disaster.
I was lucky because I was able to ask my Dad and his friends who also ride. I know I want a sports bike. They would tell me, ‘Well for a beginning you don’t want higher than 1200cc, etc.’...They would tell me this stuff and I can narrow it down. If I didn’t have that a resource, I wouldn’t know what I’m looking for.
A lot of motorcycle parts are shit. You can't tell what components you’re working with. If it’s even going to fit on my bike and it’s not specific parts as to what you need to make it work. Often times there's a connector piece, which is this third thing, and often times you don’t know you need it until you get the accessory.
Participant takes screenshots as a way to bookmark parts he finds online.
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