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Driving leads by optimizing for mobile first responsive landing site

  Final mobile first landing site for Talk Accounting.

Final website redesign.


Talk Accounting’s product is a tool that uses AI, voice recognition, and notifications to help bookkeepers with their workflow. 



Prior to the redesign, visitors on the company site couldn’t tell what Talk offered and didn’t know how to sign up and use the product. Existing customers refrained from introducing the product to their teams due to their lack of trust in the brand and understanding of how it works. The goal was to design a new landing site that optimized for increasing the number of potential leads.



UX design
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Product designers
Customer success

When it comes to UX/UI I give Tiffany a 10/10. I had the opportunity to work with Tiffany on a project. Her team delivered an amazing re-vamp of our website, they did everything from user research, to competitive analysis, to journey mapping, all the way through to complete wireframes. It was incredible to see how much work she was able to complete just 2 very short weeks.
— Travis Beaulieu, Co-founder of Talk Accounting

Research insights that informed our approach

Our user, industry, and stakeholder research helped eliminate our own bias and fill in knowledge gaps. The learnings shaped us to approach our redesign with a bookkeeper mindset. 


Designing for clarity, efficiency, and flexibility

We wanted the IA to match users' mental model and the UI to be clear so it can deliver information quickly and easily in a scenario when they're on their mobile device with a short attention span.

Clarity: Structuring information clearly

In our research, we learned that bookkeeping isn’t just a time-consuming task for accountants, small business owners or bookkeepers. The task was done by a much broader group; it included anyone who kept tracks of expenses.


Desktop navigation before (top) and redesign (bottom).


The original landing site lacked clear IA, showed signs of unhelpful polyhierarchy and turned away leads due to poor category names. We synthesized the pieces of information users wanted to see with the information Talk wanted to present, grouped similar content, and created a sense of hierarchy to guide the user through the site so the product could shine.

Talk_Site Map_Mobile.png

Mobile navigation before (left) and redesign (right).


Efficiency: Choreography of content

Bookkeepers also work with a number of people and mediums and as a result, their workflow can be complex and inefficient. To address their need for efficiency in their already task heavy roles, we designed the site allows them to move through it with as little friction as possible.

  • The landing page summarizes the most important information.
  • The most important actions are easily accessible.
  • Superfluous and no-value add content is removed.
  • Consistent UI that acted as visual anchors.

Flexibility: Providing user a sense of control

We also learned that people learn to use a product and troubleshoot issues in different ways. The viewer is given various ways to find additional information and seek help e.g. FAQ for a specific topic or a general Help Center; summary or detailed product information; troubleshooting themselves or reaching out to Talk customer success.


Cultivating trust

Another thing we heard repeatedly heard from our user interviews was that potential users and customer didn’t trust the site. We help Talk start to gain trust by creating a page that introduces their mission and DNA on an About page.



This project allowed me to truly understand that it is important to keep talking to users until a designer can view the problem objectively and be able to reframe it so then we can design with empathy. The process guided us on the IA of the site and the decision to design for a broader audience. 

This design is currently in development and our client was very impressed with the work. If we had more time and the resources, I would work with Talk or a content strategist to have the copy for the landing site so we can accurately measure engagement and user acquisition.

Select redesign screens (below).