Hello there, I’m Tiffany C. Yu.
I’m a product designer who balances business challenges and user needs.

I’m passionate about creating mindful products that amplify the potential of people around the world. I weave my architecture design problem-solving skills, design research background, and systems-thinking into the craft.

WIRED Case Study

Designing to convert subscription signup rates at WIRED Magazine

As the sole product designer that worked across WIRED and Condé Nast, I lead the team to think about paywall experience on top of the existing site. The subscription signup was one part of paywall I worked on.
Discovering unmet needs and growth opportunities
I was the ux research lead for this project and we dug into areas of need that could be addressed in the digital growth space.
Polco Case Study
Exploring onboarding to increase Polco's retention rate
How might we educate users on how to post a policy and view input for an existing multi-sided community platform?
Polco Case Study
Driving leads by optimizing for mobile first
Redesigned the Talk Accounting website to have the IA accurately represent the product and its value in a succinct and clear way.

Polco — Onboarding

A signup experience for WIRED.com’s first paywall

Talk Accounting — Bringing clarity to their site

A signup experience for WIRED.com’s first paywall